Phida has always focused on innovation and new research. We are one of the pioneers in the development of devices for UV-C sterilization.

佛山市飞达影视器材有限公司成立于1992年。PHIDA是一家集开发、生产、销售于一体的专业高科技生产厂家,专业生产各类剧院照明灯具和电影照明灯具。多年来,公司建立了专业的研发团队,先进的生产管理和科学的质量控制体系,确保了公司生产的剧院专业照明和舞台专业照明产品质量稳定,并获得了CE和UL认证,生产管理通过了ISO9001和ISO 14001认证。

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Phida UV disinfection unit outputs an intense ultraviolet light that hits every surface it is directed at. It can kill a range of dangerous bacteria and viruses from MRSA to E. coli.
The Pivot utilizes germicidal lamps operating in the 253.7nm wavelength range. The germicidal lamps provide highly effective UV-C irradiance at 253.7nm, which provides the needed effect for purification, without the use of toxic chemicals. These lamps are ideal for both air, and surface purification systems.

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What is uv-c?

The human eye can detect wavelengths from 380nm to 700nm. Ultraviolet light falls below the 380nm wavelength and is divided into four segments.

100nm ~ 200nm is vacuum UV or ozone.
200nm ~ 280nm is UV-C or Far-UV.
280nm ~ 315nm is UV-B and 315~ 400nm is UV-A.

UV-C radiation is scientifically proven to break the DNA of bacteria, viruses and spores. More recently it has been proven effective at eliminating coronavirus from surfaces and potentially air & water.

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Purely Hygienic Surfaces

Completely without chemical, on a purely physical basis