PHIDA UVC Light on ceiling installation with Radar and Alarm. 

When utilized and maintained properly, UVC light germicidal chambers can be an effective component of comprehensive biosecurity programs. However, proper construction and use of the chambers is necessary to obtain the full benefit UVC bio-exclusion.

Ensure UVC lights are working properly to provide the intensity of light exposure or dose necessary to inactivate the micro-organism. Place items for maximum exposure in the chamber and time in a way the light can impact all surfaces of the items. In addition, safety should be a top priority when utilizing UVC chambers.

The working group involved in this project examined UVC properties, related equipment, practices and pathogens resulting in best practices for use of ultraviolet light for bio-exclusion.

To start using UVC disinfection, follow these steps:

Step 1. Set up UVC germicidal chamber and choose UV lamp 

The UVC germicidal chamber is composed of four parts.

1. Chamber (fixture): contains the UV lamp and sleeve; must be lined with a reflective surface like stainless steel or aluminum to enhance the effect of UVC light.

2. UVC lamps: select to fit producer needs; low-pressure germicidal UVC commonly used. Options may include power consumption (watts), bulb size (diameter), ozone level, base type, connection type and length of lamp.

3. Quartz sleeve for UVC lamp: optional to seal and protect the UVC lamp.

4. Controller unit (ballast): used to adjust voltage or current output to the UVC lamp.